ENVADER® Telematics Systems – Your efficient and reliable fleet management system

Do you need a telematics system which adjusts perfectly and individually to the needs of your vehicle fleet – under extreme conditions as well?

Inperio Systems develops, manufactures and distributes telematics systems for commercial vehicles locally in-house in Weichs near Munich for more than a decade.

The fifth-generation ENVADER® Systems are economic, highly efficient and loaded with features;

  • Navigation
  • Location
  • Communication
  • 3 direct camera inputs
  • Transfer of job data
  • Entertainment
  • Secure handling by resistive touchscreen in connection with shortcut buttons
  • Easy installation by integrated antennas
  • Fast ROI

ENVADER® V is based on latest high end Intel® Atom™ display and computer – all in one single device!

Extremely tough to sustain cold and warm weather conditions as well as dirt roads shocks and vibrations.  The ENVADER® Telematics Systems resist hundreds of thousands of miles and promise the reliable management of your entire vehicle fleet.

Typical customers and fields of application for commercial and utility vehicles:

  • Software designer and producer for fleet management solutions
  • Forwarding agencies1
  • Bus companies1
  • Taxi trade1
  • Car pool1
  • Fleet management1
  • Construction1
  • Agriculture1
  • Public agencies1
  • Non-profit organizations1

1 Additional software may be required.

Rallye Dakar

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